[Firewall] Firewall version 1.8.8 (stable) available for download

Arno van Amersfoort arnova at rocky.eld.leidenuniv.nl
Mon Oct 9 13:20:42 MDT 2006

Hi all,

Finally another stable release of my firewall (1.8.8) :-D Most important 
changes compared to the previous is stable are:

- All config-files have been renamed to shorter names and moved to a new 
subdirectory (/etc/arno-iptables-firewall/). Please update your setup 
accordingly when upgrading from older versions. Check the README for 
more info on the new file locations.
- Plugin support (via custom-rules). Please check the (new) README for 
more info on usage.
- New plugin which adds support for "Racoon/IPSEC".
- New plugin which adds support for "SSH Brute-Force Protection".
- Several other plugins.
NOTE: Plugins can be found on the download page on my website.

Grab it from



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