[Firewall] Error noticed using 1.8.8a

Mark mark at voidzero.net
Sat Oct 14 09:01:29 MDT 2006

Not really. First question was, how to allow ICMP in my LAN, from
certain hosts *only* TO hosts like

The second is from LAN/DMZ to internet. So 1 is to stay in the LAN zone,
while 2 is how to ping out externally.

This is because I want to block outgoing ICMP for a few hosts, and block
incoming ICMP for others.

It's not too important though and might be overkill to implement.


> I'm puzzled.. That's the same is your previous case, right?
> Mark wrote:
> >>> Thanks, works like a charm. How can I allow ICMP traffic to that
> >>> host, eg. ping and traceroute stuff?
> >> Hmm forgot to implement those... Will put it on my todo-list for
> >> 1.8.8b aswell....
> > 
> > Excellent, that's great.
> > 
> > What I was wondering about furthermore (and this may be the last
> > thing regarding this), is how I can allow certain hosts to use ping
> > from LAN and/or DMZ to internet, and block others from doing
> > that...?

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