[Firewall] Can't get NAT - Masquerading to work....

Arno van Amersfoort arnova at rocky.eld.leidenuniv.nl
Sun Oct 29 08:48:54 MST 2006

mombasa wrote:
> Hi Arno,
> You are offcourse completely correct. How incredibly stupid of me to not
> have noticed this. Because i have to configure this modem under Windows as
> PPPoE, i was certain
> that it would be a PPP0 interface under Linux...
> Everything works as it is supposed to now. Great firewall script !

Thanks. Great that it works now :-D
> I have one little question though about the syntax to use with the
> NAT_INTERNAL_NET parameter :
> Let's say i want to only allow host on the internet, i edit
> the line:
> This works just fine.
> However when i want to also be able to acces the internet and
> i put something like this in the script:
> It does not work.

Strange.... This should work... Could you provide me with the output of 
"arno-iptables-firewall start" ?

> Can you tell me what the correct syntax is to ad different IP adresses and
> to ad a range of IP adresses (let's say ip's to
>  and ip )

IP ranges are currently not supported by my script. This will be 
implemented in 1.9...


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