[Firewall] Firewall version 1.9.0-rc1 available for download

Arno van Amersfoort arnova at rocky.eld.leidenuniv.nl
Tue Jul 29 01:30:52 MDT 2008

Hi all,

The first release-candidate (-rc1) for 1.9-branch of my firewall is 
available for download. No big changes since -beta3. It contains a fix 
for the NAT forwarding code and I have updated the README (hopefully it 
is now completely up-2-date again, if there is still stuff missing, let 
me know).

You can grab it from:


Version 1.9.0-rc1 (July 29, 2008)
! Fixed a bug in the nat forwarding code causing interfaces not to work
+ Updated ipsec-vpn plugin (& renamed from "racoon-ipsec-vpn")
* Updates to the README-file
* Misc. changes

Important note:
Note that your OLD configuration file (for 1.8.x but also
1.9.0-alpha1) doesn't work anymore (for the most part). Mainly because a
lot of (previously inconsistent) variables were renamed. But also
because of the new seperator (~) used in rules. So it is strongly
recommended to use the config-file that comes with THIS 1.9 package.

Please test it well, because soon it will replace the good-old 1.8.8 



Arno van Amersfoort
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