[Firewall] Version 1.90a

Eli Wapniarski eli at orbsky.homelinux.org
Fri Jan 9 08:31:24 CET 2009

Sorry Arno

It simply doesn't work on Fedora 10 while 1.90rc4 seems to work great.

I did notice the minor differences of the config files between versions and 
adjusted accordingly.


After installation and running

	/etc/rc.d/init.d/arno-iptables-firewall restart

I get:

	Restarting Arno's Iptables Firewall...done.

Not the familiar scrolling down of what's actually happening.


After running the program manually, I did get the familiar scrolling down of 
info, but I couldn't connect to internet at all.

It would seem that something is broken with NAT.

I hope this gets solved soon.


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