[Firewall] transparent dnat timeouts

John Eikenberry jae at zhar.net
Wed Mar 11 22:27:13 CET 2009

Arno van Amersfoort wrote:

> IMO this solution looks fine. I don't see any real downside of it, and  
> isn't this what you wanted: having the clients connect to the server  
> as-if they connect from the outside? I'm even thinking about  
> implementing this into the dnat plugin too as the concept is pretty 
> good....

It was exactly what I wanted. I had the slight hesitation caused by a
comment in the thread I referenced about not logging the real IPs. It
didn't really make sense to me at the time given how the packets are
routed, but I thought I'd ask about it anyways in case I was missing

Thanks for affirming the solution as a good one.


John Eikenberry
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