[Firewall] Something about v1.9.2j

Dmitry pmf026 at int13.ru
Tue Mar 2 22:55:25 CET 2010

Ok, I've upgraded from v1.9.2a to the latest build..

Uninstall.sh has mistaken Y/N answers.. so No = Yes, and Yes = No... 
Do you want to uninstall? I press Y, and script takes it as No.

and when I run the script I see this:

Arno's Iptables Firewall Script v1.9.2j
Sanity checks passed...OK
NOTE: External interface eth0 does NOT exist (yet?)
NOTE: External interface ppp25 does NOT exist (yet?)
NOTE: Internal interface eth1 does NOT exist (yet?)
NOTE: DMZ interface eth2 does NOT exist (yet?)


But all those interfaces are up and running.  Everything is working 
well, but it's a little bit confusing...

And a question,  sometimes it says (in comments) that multiple 
interfaces should be space separated and sometimes comma separated... 
which separation method should I use?

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

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