[Firewall] Bandwidth limitation for upload?

Roland Haeder r.haeder at gmx.de
Wed Mar 10 19:32:49 CET 2010


> Sure, removing t110 and t25 from SHAPER_BULKDATA_PORTS will give them the default queue with is a little higher priority.  SHAPER_STREAMINGMEDIA_PORTS is the highest priority, SHAPER_INTERACTIVE_PORTS is the next highest.
Thanks for the advice. I will try it out. :)

> You might try increasing UPLINK closer to your 64 limit.
Already done.

> PS: Arno recently included (1.9.2k-DEVEL) a traffic shaper update with two more queues and complete DSCP mapping, amount other things.
I think I better wait for a Debian package not to mix up thinks. :)

BTW: I have attached a logfile with tons of strange "scans" (which looks
like usual HTTP replies to me). I took some probes and found out that
these all probes matches to host names which YaCy has crawled.

So what could this mean? The connection was faster closed (by YaCy than
the package wants to reach the destination port? As I know, YaCy aborts
a transfer (right after the header lines analysis, as I recall) if the
downloaded document in question is larger than a specified size.


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