[Firewall] Authenticated PPPOE with Arnos firewall

Avram Dumitrescu phat at phat.ro
Mon Nov 29 19:15:56 CET 2010




I'm using arnos for several months now, for home use only, and let me tell
you congrats on a great work you did with that script.


Your script is used on a Centos 5.5 machine that has  2 ifs, ETH0 - EXT IF,

ETH0 static.

ETH1 static LAN


Now my ISP switches from static straight IP to PPPOE with username and
password AND the same STATIC IP addresses as before, that's a real bitch
because I never got a hint on how to use authenticated PPPOE with your

The ppp plug-in only configures the ip addresses and enables or disables the
whole ppp thingy.

I did not find any configurable username/passwords and just enabling the
plugin doesn't help to bring up a PPP interface. It just crashes.


Checking for (user) plugins in

(A)DSL PPP Modem plugin v1.0f

  ERROR: The plugin config file is not properly set!

Loaded 1 plugin(s)...

Centos has a RP-PPPoE version 3.5 client that allows to connect to pppoe
servers with authentication, but I'm not sure if this works with your


I apologize in advance if this issue has an obvious solution and I spammed
your mailing list without a real issue.



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