[Firewall] Authenticated PPPOE with Arnos firewall

Avram Dumitrescu phat at phat.ro
Tue Nov 30 14:42:53 CET 2010

Thank you for your reply.

An example would be nice. I've googled this topinc and nothing relevant came up, if you have an example setup would be nice to share.
It's my first PPPOE setup with this script and in the documentation provided with arnos it is not mentioned anywhere a hint on how you can do that.

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On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 1:15 PM, Avram Dumitrescu <phat at phat.ro> wrote:

> Now my ISP switches from static straight IP to PPPOE with username and
> password AND the same STATIC IP addresses as before, that’s a real bitch
> because I never got a hint on how to use authenticated PPPOE with your
> script.

The firewall does not plumb any interfaces for you; your system needs
to do the handshake and get the interfaces plumbed and then re-invoke
the firewall script.

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