[Firewall] 2.0.1 on debian squeeze?

Norbert Gerhards n.gerhards at ib-gerhards.de
Fri Feb 24 19:09:19 CET 2012


thank you for your immediate help.

I followed your instructions and with ./install.sh the firewall
installed perfectly and the following configuration routine was
very clear (Thanks Arno!).

What I miss though is the file debconf.cfg, because that seemed
to me a nice abstract of firewall.conf, easier to find and edit

Any hint for this, too?

Thanks a lot


Am 24.02.2012 18:15, schrieb Intense Red:
>> how can I install aif 2.0.1 on a fresh debian squeeze server?
>> I. e. into which directory do I have to copy the .tar.gz file,
>> and after un-tar-ing, what else steps are there to do?
>     The firewall works just fine with Debian. Just copy the tarball into root's
> home directory, untar it, change into the new firewall subdirectory, and run
> the install script.

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