[Firewall] TCP / UPD port forwarding to multiple xBox's behind the firewall

cmr at uniserve.com cmr at uniserve.com
Sun Jul 21 09:00:08 CEST 2013

A couple of weeks back I asked about a nat issue and port forwarding  
to an xbox.

I found my answer in the firewall.conf file, something several of you  
pointed out. Other than the fact my ISP blocks inbound port 80, that  
solution worked flawlessly.

it was these to lines and the UPnP IGD plugin that solved my problem:

... now for today's problem ...

I'm fortunate enough to have a wired house with several large tv's  
located in several areas of the house. One of my kids wants to host an  
xbox live tourney on the lan. Specifically, his friends bring over  
their own equipment, my dhcp server assigns addresses as needed and  
nat needs to be open for each xbox.

The server will assign static dhcp addresses in the range of to based on each machines mac address.

would I use the NAT_STATIC_IP="" because if I use multiple lines  
similar to the following it does not work for any unit other than the  
first one.



I currently use two plugins, the UPnP IGD and the mac address plugins.

Something tells me this has an easy solution, I'm just unsure of where  
to look or start looking!


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