[Firewall] I can't see network share in Smbf4

Domijor domijor at gmail.com
Wed May 29 14:33:28 CEST 2013

Please, I have a problem with the Arno-iptable-firewall.

Recently, I update my Debian Etch to Debian 7 and I was installed Samba,
Smbf4 and Arno-iptable-firewall. It's ok. I had open the ports 139, 445 TCP
and 137, 138, 139 UDP.
Now, I have Debian 7 in my computer and I use Samba in my network. I
installed Arno-iptable-firewall with apt software (version 2.0.1.c-1).
Well, I have open the ports 139,445 TCP and 137,138,139 UDP.. If  I have
the Arno-Iptable-Firewall start, I can't see the network share with Smbf4.
When I stop the script, then I can see the  networks share and the domain.

Somebody help me?
Thank you very much


P.D. Sorry, my English isn't very well.
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