[Firewall] TRUSTED_IF not showing up

Chris Vavruska vavruska at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 01:51:58 CET 2013

Since I didnt get any reply for my last issue I thought I would pose a more
pointed question:

I have a config line that looks like:


I see in the script it executes
iptables -A INPUT -i $interface -j ACCEPT

which give me output:
Accepting ALL INPUT packets from trusted interface(s): br1

Why don't I see a rule in the INPUT chain for br1?

Chain INPUT (policy DROP)
num  target     prot opt source               destination
1    BASE_INPUT_CHAIN  all  --  
2    INPUT_CHAIN  all  --  
3    HOST_BLOCK_SRC  all  --  
4    SPOOF_CHK  all  --  
5    VALID_CHK  all  --  
6    EXT_INPUT_CHAIN !icmp --  
 state NEW
7    EXT_INPUT_CHAIN  icmp --  
 state NEW limit: avg 60/sec burst 100
8    EXT_ICMP_FLOOD_CHAIN  icmp --  
   state NEW
9    INT_INPUT_CHAIN  all  --  
10   INT_INPUT_CHAIN  all  --  
11   ACCEPT     all  --  
12   POST_INPUT_CHAIN  all  --  
13   LOG        all  --              limit:
avg 1/sec burst 5 LOG flags 0 level 6 prefix "AIF:Dropped INPUT packet: "
14   DROP       all  --  

What would cause me to not see the rule in the table?


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