[Firewall] dpkg configuration question

Russell Treleaven rtreleaven at bunnykick.ca
Mon Feb 24 19:22:56 CET 2014


I am running the arno-iptables- 2.0.1.d-1 as provided by Ubuntu 13.04.

I configure it thusly "dpkg-reconfigure arno-iptables-firewall"

The last question is about internal networks that have access to
external networks.

I am testing  mobile voip  so I wish to set it to

Here is the scenario...

smartphone with sip client places call to ip pbx(same box as
arno-ibtables) over 3g network.
both endpoints have public ip addresses
smartphone with sip client comes in range of wifi
smartphone get private ip from my dnsmasq deamon
default route gets updated.
media stream from smartphone with public source address goes over
private wifi to ip pbx.
media stream from pbx to smartphone goes over the internet as usual.

This is what I want to do just a little worried I might hit a corner
case using allowing access to external networks.
I doubt this is a popular use case.... yet.

Please Advise,

Russell Treleaven

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