[Firewall] Firewall version 2.0.1f-stable available for download

Arno van Amersfoort arnova at rocky.eld.leidenuniv.nl
Thu Oct 1 08:27:13 CEST 2015

Hi all,

The final release of the 2.0.1f stable version. Only change since the RC 
is a minor tweak in the systemd config file.

You can grab it from:


Version 2.0.1f (October 1, 2015)
* Honour Debian recommendations for systemd service file
! Enable xtables lock "wait" option found in iptables 1.4.20+, Issue #17
! Using NAT_STATIC_IP with multiple ext interfaces would fail in case 
not enough ext IPs were specified
* Don't hardcode IP4TABLES/IP6TABLES binary in the config file. Just 
autodetect it like the other binaries
! Misc. fixes for newer SuSE & Redhat systems concerning systemd & init
* Moved get host cache logic from traffic accounting plugin to 
environment to avoid (future) code duplication
! Fixed NAT_LOCAL_REDIRECT=1 packets from being logged as if they were 
+ Added tcp_be_liberal option
+ Allow rp_filter to be mode 2 (loose)
! Fixed functions get_ifs() and get_ips() with a '#', distinguish IPv4 
from VLAN interfaces and check for IPv6 addresses (thanks to Mike C. 
* Improve y/n user handling
* Improve log handling for dyndns plugin
+ Try to auto detect external net settings automatically on start
* Improve error handling especially for plugins
* Several plugin updates


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