[Firewall] Multirouting over vpn tunnels

Erik Norman Stetter e.n.stetter at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 21:54:14 CEST 2015


I'm trying to set up the multiroute plugin for usage with multiple vpn
tunnels, to max out my connection speed.

I have two tun-adapters, tun1 and tun2, created by openvpn, each
having the *same
external ip* of course.
So I configure the plugin like this:

# Settings for the first interface:
MULTIROUTE_EXT_ROUTER1=<IP of the first vpn server>
MULTIROUTE_EXT_IP1=<the external ip of my tun adapters>

# Settings for the second interface:
MULTIROUTE_EXT_ROUTER2=<IP of the second vpn server>
MULTIROUTE_EXT_IP2=<the external ip of my tun adapters>

When I start the firewall the plugin puts out:  *Error: either "to" is
duplicate, or "equalize" is a garbage*.

Which is right because "to", is indeed a duplicate.

Why can't I use the plugin the way I intend to? Is there a solution to
this, or does any of you know an alternative way of doing this?


*Erik Norman Stettere.n.stetter at gmail.com <e.n.stetter at gmail.com>*
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