Almost all my work is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL License, which means it's free (open-source) software. If you like my work or you want me to implement a certain feature, you are encouraged to donate money. You can (preferably) donate directly to me through my bank account (mail me for my IBAN number (International Bank Account Number) or via PayPal. Note that *all* donations go directly to one of my favourite charity foundations.

Personal Information:
Name : Arno van Amersfoort
Profession : Electronics Engineer
Education : Electronics/Computer Engineering
Email : a r n o v a AT r o c k y DOT e l d DOT l e i d e n u n i v DOT n l (note: you must remove all spaces and substitute the @ and the . at the proper locations)

- Electronics Development/Engineering (Analog, Digital, Embedded, Automotive, etc.)
- Windows
- Solaris (SUN Sparc)
- Irix (SGI)
- Linux (especially Debian and (X)Ubuntu)
- Computer networks
- Computer-, network- & internet-security
- UNIX: HTTP(Apache), FTP, Samba, NFS, DNS (Bind), firewalls (iptables, ipchains)
- UNIX (shell) scripting: AWK, Bash/POSIX Shell
- PC programming languages: x86 assembly, C, C++, Pascal, Basic
- Atmel AVR Microcontroller Assembler (and C)
- 8051 Microcontroller Assembler
- Programmable Logic Abel-HDL
- LabView
- LabWindows/CVI
- Communication protocols: ethernet, TCP/IP, RS-232 (422/485), CAN, I2C, SPI, IEEE1284(EPP), USB, GPIB/HPIB