Backup/Restore Image Scripts (GitHub) – A handy wrapper for partimage, partclone and fsarchiver to create(backup) and restore images for your harddrive in an easy way

MDAdd (GitHub) – Handy script for Linux MD RAID to automatically add and sync a harddisk to your RAID arrays.

Snapshot-Enc (GitHub) – A backup script inspired by rsnapshot with the exception that it pushes snapshots from the client to the (backup) server (using ssh + rsync) and that it uses client-side encryption (using encfs). Extremely handy for NAS backuping. Tested on Netgear ReadyNAS but should work with other brands/models as well as long as sshfs, rsync and encfs are available. Comes with server-side snapshot-scripts when ZFS or BTRFS filesystems are used.

GRUB2-EFI-Sync – Script to sync EFI GRUB boot partitions when using software RAID (MD)

Dpkg Cleanup – Script to cleanup the local package repository on deb(Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/etc.)-based system after eg. an distribution upgrade.

MD5 Check – File(system) MD5 generation/integrity checking tool

Make SSL Certificate – Script to generate a self-signed X.509 SSL RSA certificate/key for e.g. (Courier) IMAP, (Postfix) SMTP, etc. Postfix

Status Report – Script to generate a status report about your system (diskspace, MD status etc.). Can be used for eg. daily or weekly status reports